Wednesday, October 17, 2007

When Love Falls Apart

Since much of France will be more or less immobilized by today's transportation shut-down, there will be ample spare time to devote to reading today's French glossies.

A bunch have the Sarkozy marital saga on today's front page.

According to Le Figaro, this week's Paris Match, on the stands today, is devoting an entire issue to Cécilia, featuring exclusive photos. Le Point, l'Express, and le Nouvel Observateur will have cover stories on the Sarkozy couple and their marital difficulties.
Meanwhile, rumors that Madame Sarkozy formally filed for divorce on Monday have yet to be confirmed. Presidential spokesperson Martinon refuses to comment.

In a country that oft times defines itself by its devotion to Love, the most poignant commentary of anyone in the government, by the Minister of Education, in Le Monde:
"Je trouve simplement toujours douloureux de voir que l'amour peut se défaire".
("I simply find that it is always sad to see that love can fall apart.")

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