Monday, October 29, 2007

Contest Winner

A week ago I announced the Polly-Vous Francais Paris Elevator Photo Contest.

And the winner is... Anna, a new Parisian blogger at Fernweh / Paris bébé.

Okay, she was the only person who entered the contest. Probably because she has a cool fish-eye lens. I knew it was hard to take a picture of the inside of a box. Felications, Anna, and welcome to Paris!

Says Anna of her elevator:

"I guess it's what you would call a 'three person' capacity, but it's crowded with two. I rode up with the gardienne last week, and we were nose-to-nose for three floors."

I think Anna deserves an extra award just for that.

Next, stay tuned for the "Why Polly Vous Francais Doesn't Have Blog Comments Enabled Yet" haiku contest. One contender already!

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