Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The First Americans in Paris

Who was the very first American in Paris? (Hint: he wasn't an American when he arrived.)

What happened when Franklin met Voltaire?

Where did Jefferson first envision the idea of a Library of Congress?

How did Franklin hone his treaty-writing skills while negotiating with the British after the Revolutionary War?
(Hint: a French lady was involved.)

Is your curiosity piqued? Good! Come along and take a stroll into American history in Paris. Find out the answers to these and many more questions on Lire et Partir's wonderful walking tour, The Founding Fathers in Paris, this Sunday October 28 at 2 pm.

I stumbled upon on Lire et Partir's Founding Fathers tour last July, and loved it every inch of the way. Shari Segall, Rebecca Brite and Pamela Grant are superb tour leaders, knowledgeable and passionate about their subject. So I'm returning this Sunday for a much-anticipated repeat.

And I promise to arrive on time, as I have been reminded to set my clock back on Saturday night. You will too, right?

On this approximately 2-1/2 hour tour they'll help us celebrate the world’s oldest, most resilient international friendship by following in the steps of the first American expatriates in Paris : Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Benjamin Franklin, John Paul Jones, and other heroes of the new republic.

Lire et Partir is a walking tour group that features French or English-language visits of literary and historic Paris. Another favorite is their popular "Lost Generation" tour, where you'll be glad to "find" Hemingway and pals with these connoisseurs of Paris history.

This Sunday bring your cameras, your enthusiasm and your walking shoes for the Left Bank tour, which begins across from the Musée d'Orsay and will end in the vicinity of the Jardin du Luxembourg. Be ready for some fun!

Where: Meet at the Statue of Thomas Jefferson (pictured above) across from the Musée d'Orsay, corner of rue Solferino and the Seine.
When: Sunday October 28, 2 pm, rain or shine. (Also Sunday, November 4, 2 pm. )
Price: 15€ per person. Please reserve by Saturday evening.

For more information and reservations, tel : or

SPECIAL OFFER: the first attendee to answer the following trivia question on Sunday's tour will win a free ticket for another Lire et Partir tour.

Question: which Founding Father penned the following letter, and who was 'Polly'?

"Paris, September 14, 1767

Dear Polly,
I am always pleas'd with a Letter from you, and I flatter myself that you may be sometimes pleas'd at receiving one from me..."

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