Thursday, October 18, 2007

Le jeudi noir n'aura pas lieu?

I may be jumping the gun, but today's anticipated "Black Thursday," so called because black indicates the highest level of traffic congestion, seems to be a no-show, at least so far this morning.

Webcams of Paris show light traffic on the streets. The Prefecture de Police traffic site shows green streets, meaning smooth traffic flow.

It doesn't mean that people's lives and schedules haven't been disrupted, because of the transportation strike, of course. But dire predictions in the press of "chaos" don't seem to have materialized. Most activities simply got cancelled, the way it would happen in New England when a blizzard is forecast.

There will be a manif, which I'm sure will be covered by the press, since there's not much else to write about in terms of crowds in today's news. Starts at 12h30, gathers at place de la Republique and will parade down boulevard Voltaire.

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