Friday, October 26, 2007

Look! Up in the Sky! it's a Green Thing

I promise, I was not sending anybody on a wild goose chase. The Goose Man of the Seine apparently had ultralight engine troubles today, and lost the birds in the process. (I saw it all on the 8 o'clock news tonight.) He's going to try again on Sunday.

Meanwhile, if you were going to faire le jogging along the Seine hoping to see the geese parade aloft, do not despair: instead can you look up at the Palais de Tokyo. If you see what looks like a 1990's-style Winnebago on the roof, you are not imagining things.

There is a modern art installment getting prepared for the world to see. Called "Everland," it is a live-in module that will function as a hotel for a year.

I have to admit, you can't beat the Paris views from the top of the Palais de Tokyo. So for a starting price of a measly 333€ per night, not a bad place to spend the night. Cheaper than many four-star hotels. I don't know if the room service will be too predictable, though. And you are "part" of the art installation, whatever that means.

I wish I had more precise information on Everland Hotel to report. Last week when I stopped by and took these pics, the Everland press department promised to invite me to their vernissage. But, oh well, I guess they lost my email address.

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