Monday, October 15, 2007

Four-legged pals in Paris

Last weekend's Le Figaro has a little fluff piece (block that pun!) on the latest crazes for pets in the city.

First, le bouledogue francais -- apparently the only canine actually indigenous to Paris, is touted as an ideal apartment dog. Small, good with children and only snores a wee bit. Ounce per ounce, though, your leetle bouledogue comes with a hefty price tag -- around 1000- 1200 euros for the 8-14 kilo Fido.

Next, the latest tendance in cats (it seems that Maine Coon cats are sooo last year) is the Ragdoll, so named because it goes limp in the arms of its owner. And some of those sweet Ragdolls are as big as a small bouledogue. And about the same price. Yow! Meow!

Finally, there are les rongeurs -- mice, rats, ferrets, and so forth. Rats as pets have been gaining in popularity since Ratatouille, says the Figaro ("Les rongeurs séduisent"). And -- hurrah! -- no need to clean up the sidewalk (or pretend to) on morning walks. On the other hand, best to avoid a rongeur at home if you already have a bouledogue. The were originally bred as ratiers.

Lots of websites for finding your perfect Paris pet.

La Societe centrale canine, for all breeds of dogs
L'Association Francaise du Ragdoll
L'Association de promotion du rat comme animal de compagnie

Then, the fun begins. Just underneath the article, a bevy of information in the "Bonnes Affaires" classified ads:

Cremadog "Vous avez respecté leur vie; respectez leur mort" -- for cremating your dog. Whoa, wait a minute! Let's not rush matters. I've just gotten to know little Toutou, and already we're thinking about where to put his ashes?

City Canine "Donnez-lui une vie sociale!" Kind of a for dogs? Dog play time, cushioned floors, big park next door. Plus canine etiquette lessons for your pooch; and instead of a nannycam you can log in and watch Toutou on a Canicam while you're toiling away at the office.

Taxi-Canine "Enfin, plus de soucis pour transporter vos animaux seuls ou accompagnés." A Paris taxi service for pets and, if needed, their owners, too.

Canicalin - "Salon de Toilettage," which is dog-grooming. (Pronounced twah-lett-ahhj.) A beauty salon for your pup, featuring trims and -- do I read this right -- epilation? Er, I presume that canine epilation doesn't involve wax.... 01 40 50 13 14
Ani Seniors At-home pet care.

Kennel Club. "Livraison à domicile." Doggy take-out/home delivery meals. Croquettes, boites, biscuits. (Kibble, canned food, dog biscuits). 01 45 25 42 42
And by the way, should you decide to get a little Parisian pooch for a new pet-- bouledogue or jacquesrusselle or whatever, remember -- according to French tradition, 2007 is the year where your dog should be christened with a name that begins with the letter "C".
Hmm, how about Cécilia, or Clooney, or Chanel, or Courbet or... Wow. Endless possibilities.

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