Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fun with Martine

Either you know Martine or you don't. If you know Martine, you probably have strong feelings one way or the other about this famous fillette heroine of French children's literature.

Saccharine-sweet Martine and her perky pup Patapouf have been best-sellers in French children's literature since the mid-1950s. Perhaps many people love Martine and recall her charming adventures with great fondness. On the other hand, many find the Martine series to be -- er, how shall I say this -- Cloying? Smarmy? Vapid?

If you are in the latter category -- or maybe even if you like Martine but have a wonderfully warped sense of humor -- you'll love the Martine Page Generator, a site dedicated to make-your-own parodies of the Martine book covers.

1 comment:

Pascal Fonquernie said...

do not hesitate to make it as kinky and schoking as possible. martine is a slut anyway !

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