Thursday, March 29, 2012

Le Slip francais

Le slip. No, it's not a slip, which in English could be a lady's silky undergarment under a dress, or an embarrassing fall on a banana peel, or a place to moor your yacht, or a verbal faux-pas.

Le slip. I've always loved the word in French, one of those great faux-amis. And it has (almost) nothing to do with sleep, though it's pronounced that way: le sleep.

Le slip
is... Tighty-whities. Briefs. U-Trou. Or, in some cases, a Speedo.

So for some reason this recent ad for le slip Made in France made me smile.

Allez, messieurs! Trade in those boring tighty-whities for some genuine all-cotton bleu-blanc-rouge slips francais.

The folks at Le Slip Francais say, "Our Briefs are Revolutionary!
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