Tuesday, October 16, 2007


With the planned transportation strike Thursday fast approaching, residents are looking for ways to make their appointed rounds. The strike is anticipated to begin late tomorrow evening and end Friday morning at 8 am.This will be the first time that the Velib program has been put to the test. Already, savvy commuters have been lining up alternative methods of transportation. Automobile traffic is understandably expected to be a mess. The carpooling initiative has decided not to charge its normal rates for the duration of the strike. Taxis, motorcycle taxis, and boats along the Seine are all expected to pick up a lot of the movement, but are already maxed out with reservations, according to news sources. Even Segways are expected to be booked solid.

Lacking those resources, it may be time to haul out your own rusty two-wheeled steed, be it bicycle or trotinette. Or else your most comfortable sneakers.

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