Wednesday, May 09, 2007


It is ironic, in a way, to get nervous inquiries from State-side good citizens fretting about "riots" in France they read about.

I have never felt more safe anywhere than I do in Paris. Every day, every hour. I can walk home solo from a dinner late at night in the echoing loveliness of the streets and feel totally secure. Most single women I know in Paris feel the same. That is a priceless part of life here. In fact, a long stroll home is one of my favorite activities: a good way to clear the head from the evening's buzz, get some unwinding before heading home to faire do-do.

So when I think that Americans are getting all worried about "safety" here in France, I get defensive. Annoyed at overblown press reports. In lovely Charleston SC, in quaint Boston, MA, I wouldn't dare take a one-hour walk home alone at midnight except in the most upscale neighborhoods. Even then...

Always thought-provoking, my friend Wick Sloane sent me his recent article about a victim of violence in Boston. One of his students. Helps to keep things in perspective here.

Compare safety in France and safety in the US. Compare education opportunities. Lots to reflect on.

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