Saturday, May 05, 2007

If you have knowledge, kindness and time...

"If you have knowledge, kindness and time, we would be very grateful you translate it to English ! " is the gentle request at the bottom of the page.

I am deeply moved. This is from a history page of a French website, La Place de l'Eventail. This is the sort of call for help that sways me to drop all my other, meaningless activities to pitch in. It's quite simply adorable of them to ask!

At the top of the page, they offer:

"We give here a translation with of course a lot of mistakes : we gratefully thank our visitors who will take some time for helping us !"

Followed by the touching,

"We forbide us stealing material from other sites, which is unfair and unuseful . Here is an exception :

Unable of translating well and quick the infra text of our own, we have taken for our english reading visitors a page from another site which gives some excerpts from well known books."

Their English isn't bad at all, basically. But the sweet, humble nature of the request is irresistible.

So how about it? Any volunteer translators out there?

1 comment:

PHB Place de l'Eventail said...

Hi : I had briefly seen your post 3 years ago and have been moved myself by you asking help to your visitors.
I had forgotten it (more easily as no help was subsequent, which is not unusual !).
"Par hasard", I find it again 3 years after, and want to thank you anyway !
Meanwhile one of our sons has married in 2008 a girl from Iowa (and after 6 sabbatical months in Europe they fly back today to the US).
This let us hope some help for translating our web pages !!!
Best regards

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