Thursday, May 17, 2007

Another Saturday Night and I Ain't Got No Money

If you find yourself like a gazillion other Paris denizens who did not "faire le pont" with today's Ascension holiday and leave for a long weekend, do not despair. There's a lot to do (duh) in this fair city, even though the weather is --

Well, let's all admit that we were uber-uber-spoiled by April, and no one is moaning much about Global Warming this month, are we? We're back to umbrellas and winter coats. Ah, Paris, that fickle woman!

So all the more reason to head indoors this weekend. A little low on euros? Pas de problème! Saturday night, May 19th is La Nuit des Musées. All 14 of the museums of the City of Paris will be open, free of charge, from 6 pm to midnight. From le Petit Palais to le Musée de la Vie Romantique, there is a selection of some known and lesser-known City-owned museums to prowl around for a great cheap date. Voilà.

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