Wednesday, May 09, 2007

As the World Churns

Hello, world.

Well blow me away. I finally figured out how to put in a site meter to see if I was just blabbing away in the great cyber void or if anyone really cared. Oh, I have some dedicated readers who email me and all. Still, I wanted to know.

But I didn't expect this. Now I'm so absorbed with my Clustr Map that I have to put a Band-Aid over the bottom right corner of my computer screen so I don't obsess. It's so exciting, I think to myself. Two thousand visitors in 10 days? Wow. Yow!

Then in a blogger's nanosecond I grasp that half-empty glass. I start griping, "Hey, Africa, wake up, will ya?" "Yo, Russia! Hellooooo??"

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