Sunday, May 06, 2007

Election Party at France 24

A throng of some 300 eager viewers packed the France 24 television studios in Issy les Moulineaux this evening to watch the presidential election returns in French, English, and Arabic. Champagne corks popped to fill the glasses of the Sarkozy supporters celebrating the victory; whiskey, bordeaux and jus de tomate were poured for the Sego fans who wished to drown their sorrows.

In the hubbub it was hard to hear the televised commentaries. The crowd, a mix of mostly French and Americans -- journalists, bloggers, expats -- mingled with strangers, sharing stories. "Did Sego have an earpiece on during the debate?" "Is Sarko going to move into the Elysee Palace?" It was not a time for political debate. There was revelry and there was despondence, but moreover a sense of camaraderie that could serve the whole country in light of the 53/47 ratio in the voter turnout. As all said, "Vive la France!"

1 comment:

Polly-Vous Francais said...

And now, 5 years later. What a ride!

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