Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Metro Stop

Ever searching for the perfect housegifts or souvenirs to take to friends in the States this month, it's a challenge in these days of globalization to find a little present that is a) affordable, b) not available in their own hometown, and c) packable.

When you add in a heavy factor of loving maps as design, well, the RATP boutique is just the spot! All the items in the shop are of course based on the RATP theme -- bus, metro, getting around on public transport.

The mug above looks as though it could be right out of Polly Vous Francais, don't you think?

In fact, I have observed that many bloggers hawk mugs and other products based on the graphic of their site. So that got me thinking. Hmmm.... mugs, t-shirts, why even these lovely boxers:

Hey! Great idea! Maybe I should get some printed up.
Hmm. Where would that put the Polly Vous Francais stop?

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