Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Learn, baby, learn

The Assocation of Amercian Wives of Europeans has recently published its seventh edition of Guide to Education in France: a comprehensive guide to educating English speaking children in France.

Emphasis on comprehensive. Wow. This book is a must-read, even if you do not have to navigate the bewildering labyrinth of the French educational system for your own kids. It has it all, as far as I can tell: from a clear diagram explaining the paths of the school system in France (from potty-training to Polytechnique) to spilling out the alphabet soup of acronyms for French degrees, programs, associations and government agencies. But above all, this 308-page manual is clearly lovingly edited to really be helpful and explain how things work. Not always a given here, I must admit.

And education doesn't stop at childhood nor at the school room door, of course, so there is an informative section on continuing ed programs for adults. Info on where to get English language videos, books, and magazines. Where to find the Girl Scouts, play groups, and SAT prep. Where to go for more information. See what I mean?

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