Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Going once, going twice, SOLDES

Ever one to multitask, I combined my routine morning walk with checking out the Soldes, or Paris January sales, which began today. In addition to the usual hoopla about the arrival of the Soldes, this year there has been extra talk of some of the major stores going on strike because of them.

Ah, France is so consistent in its idiosyncrasies. I find this notion absolutely enchanting, But back to the important matters.

Virtually every grand magasin, every boutique is blazing "soldes soldes soldes" signs. If I thought Christmas in Paris was esthetic overload, I sure didn't know what was in store for January. Trying to clear through the visual, mental and financial clutter was too much for me, Ms. Bargain Hunter. (I think I must like to sniff out the hidden bargains, not have them pushed in my face.) So instead I wandered along the less crowded streets and did my number one favorite form of leche-vitrines (window shopping). I looked at all the real estate agencies' immobilier a louer et a vendre. No discounts available.

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