Sunday, January 07, 2007

Kickin' up my heels

Yesterday was a red-letter day -- my birthday. Here's what I did.

1. My hair is now a bit more auburn than it used to be. Okay, a LOT more auburn. It washes out over 6 weeks, so why not? Very glossy. I don't recognize myself in the morning. Hey, it's like having a new roommate.

2. I bought a pair of cowboy boots. Very IN in Paris, although these are not at all what I wanted. (Last month I had coveted a pair of black alligator boots at Edith Mercer on rue de Sevres. The vendeuse had praised me for having excellent taste, as the boots fetched the princely sum of 1500 euros, the most expensive item in the store. Erp, not in my budget. We all chuckled; I had hoped they were faux croco. Mais non.) So yesterday, at a much more down-scale old-lady boutique farther down rue de Sevres, way in the back where the vieilles dames never venture were these seriously marked-down fantaisie boots. "Je vous ferai un prix," whispered the nice vendeuse, and since she had my pointure, off I sashayed with these. Black leather with fancy pink and magenta stitching, a real caprice -- my little birthday present to myself, for the fabulous sum of 39 euros. Wheee.

3. Dinner at Les Editeurs. Charming resturant at Odeon filled with books magazines and warm inviting ambiance. Best way to toast in a new year. Birth year.

4. Lots of Skype birthday calls from the states on my skype-in number. I love Skype. Skype is life.

5. I ran into two people that I know on the streets of Paris. Makes me feel like a native. Only problem is that I didn't recognize one person, a very sweet French guy -- at all -- whom I see every week. Out of context, yeah, but he had to jump up and down in front of me and tell me who he was, and how he knew me. Very understanding. Soo embarrassing.

I can pretend to be oh-so-young, what with new technology and cowboy boots and a shiny mane, but the memoire agee will give me away every time.

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