Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Do You Muji?

There are house guests and there are houseguests. Honor, my good friend from college days, was just here for a way-too-short 5 day visit. Besides the fact that we get along so well and have a blast just yukking it up together, she was a French major who spent her junior year in Paris. She was thus delightfully independent and yet we met up and did lots of fun stuff together too. Perfect balance of time spent. Plus she got rechargeable batteries for my mouse. Merci, ma chere! A good houseguest, whether or not she or he knows the city well, also ideally gets you to see Paris in ways you've not yet experienced. Honor introduced me to Muji.

How could I have not known about this place before? Muji is a zen little clothing/papergoods/household goods store chain that looks expensive but isn't. Ingenious little inventions, clothing with nice clean lines, sleek dishware. Starting today at 70% off, it'll be bargain city.

Shopping at Muji gives you the same I-can-be-good-clean-and-organized New-Year's -resolution feeling that IKEA does, without having to rent a car or eat Swedish meatballs.

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