Tuesday, January 02, 2007

I sing soprano in the upstairs choir

Last fall I nervously auditioned for and was happily accepted to the Paris Choral Society www.parischoralsociety.org. My friend Nancy, one of its founders 13 years ago, sold me on it, explaining that it was a great experience, mostly requiring decent sight-reading skills, dedication and, of course, a good voice. Having done a lot of choral singing in the past, I was accustomed to the level of commitment and training required. What a thrill it was to belong to such a renowned group, especially after such a short time in Paris.

What I hadn't anticipated was how much FUN it is. The PCS, as it is called, is a multi-age, multi-nationality group -- a choristers' United Nations, of sorts. Our hallowed and witty director Ned Tipton conducts the rehearsals in both French and his native English.

I can't say that joie de vivre is a requirement in order to join, but it sure is contagious once you are there. Rehearsals, every Monday night, are punctuated by a half-hour "pause" with wine, cheese, pate -- whatever is supplied by that night's section as refreshments. Conviviality and I daresay improved singing in the second half of rehearsal are the results of a plastic glassful of bordeaux and some quiche, and lots of conversation. The members are mixed with a group of folks from all walks of life -- from students to corporate bigwigs. Gathering around the long table at our break, we basically have a little party every week. Such a life!

If you are tempted, the Paris Choral Society is auditioning choristers for all voice parts on Saturday January 13th.

Please call Nancy Brune 06 72 01 31 61 for more information.

Tell 'em Polly sent you.

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