Thursday, January 25, 2007

Alexandre, Quel Personnage!

Any prankster who gets kicked out of med school for using his ventriloquism skills to make cadavers talk -- well, he's my kind of guy!
Oh, Alexandre. The more I get to know this charming French rascal the more I am smitten. Although he might be perceived as a bit of an eccentric, I like to think of him as eclectic, for his love of books, collections, acting and travel. His tremendous repertoire of friends and admirers is astounding. His bohemian lifestyle in his youth evolved into his becoming a wealthy gentleman scholar who gave away a large part of his fortune to charitable causes. More importantly, he passionately championed international cultural exchange. A brilliant, handsome Frenchman, a friend of the United States. Extraordinaire! This kind of man goes straight onto my 'A list' for dinner party invitations.

Alas, timing is everything. Alexandre Vattemare died in 1864, but not before creating an international cultural legacy which we all benefit from today. A man ahead of his time, he advocated the establishment of free public libraries and museums in all countries. Sharing knowledge.

In honor of his extensive contributions to the Boston Public Library and the American Library of the Bibilotheque Administrative de Paris, there will be a joint exhibit of Vattemare's fascinating life at the beautiful and historic Bibliotheque Forney, starting Wednesday January 31: "Alexandre Vattemare, l'Ambassadeur Extravagant". Go see this exhibit: you'll be hearing a LOT about him in the next year, in France and in the US.

Bibliotheque Forney
1, rue du Figuier
75004 Paris
01 42 78 14 60
M├ętro : Pont Marie - Saint-Paul

Tuesday - Saturday 13h30 to 19h
January 31 to April 14 2007

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