Monday, April 21, 2008

Vie de merde!

Vie de merde is a French hit blog with millions of visitors daily. The founders of the blog, Maxime Valette and Antoine Descamps, started it kind of as a joke but it took off.

Roughly translated as "Life's a Bitch," the site receives over 1000 mini-anecdotes daily of pain-in-the-arse everyday events that people want to bitch about.

The blog has become such a hit that the acronym VDM has become a part of colloquial language in a large segment of the population.

Here's an example of one VDM:

"Aujourd'hui, j'ai reçu 2 sms de ma copine. Le premier pour me dire que tout était fini, le second pour me dire qu'elle s'était trompée de destinataire. VDM"

"Today, I received two text messages from my girlfriend. The first to say that she was breaking up with me. The second to tell me that she had sent the first text message to the wrong person. VDM"

So if you want to be really hip when speaking French, you can now use, "VDM" (vay-day-em) as a tag line when referring to one of life's little aggravations.
Illustration by Maud Gironnay.


The Duchess said...

Looks very amusing! Although some of them are a little outrageous....

Patricia M said...

6000 miles away I vicariously live in Paris thru your blog - this new site - vie de merde - certainly takes that to new heights. Though I live in LA my heart is in Paris, but apparently daily problems are just universal!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Hi Duchess and Patricia,

I hadn't heard of this site until I saw the creators interviewed on Le Grand Journal last night. It seems to be a real phenomenon. The creators are about 19 and 20, and already have a book deal in the works!

Auntie Nic said...

Too funny. Merci Polly. Laughter is the best antidote when we experience une vie de merde.

John said...

So it's the same site than ...I like those, very funny...:-)

Polly-Vous Francais said...

I wonder which came first, Vie de Merde or Bitchy Life (and there are w few others in English, too. Anyway, all for the fun of it!

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