Sunday, April 20, 2008

Un Deux Trois Quatre

1) Yesterday I saw Passe-Passe, a just-released comedy starring Natalie Baye and Edouard Baer. Great fun, light and entertaining! Will be titled Off and Running in English.

2) A thoughtful article about Juliette Binoche's career here. Except he didn't mention Klapisch's Paris.

3) To say Bon Appétit or no? The debate continues. But she heard it here first when she interviewed my friend Marie de Tilly. Watch Marie and me in action on French TV last winter! And we have a new project in the works.

4) Paris as a movie set. What's being filmed in the Ile de France these days. The site, however, deserves a mise à jour, I think. I know there are more tournages than they've listed.

Now I'm off and running -- to go chase pigeons in the park.


Unknown said...

there's no debate about 'bon appetit.' you just don't ever say 'bon appetit.'...

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Hi Ariane,

I'm with you!

But the Guardian article -- and a few others -- claim some Parisians say that 'Bon Appetit' is allowable in France.

And of course Americans got so accustomed to hearing dear Julia Child ending every show with a hearty 'Bon Appetit!'

The Late Bloomer said...

Well, I know I've heard that in "polite company" so to speak you don't say bon appetit, but golly, among friends we say it all the time! All in good fun, I think... And this is even with French friends, not just my anglophone ones. So I don't know; sometimes it all just seems like much ado about nothing!

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