Monday, April 21, 2008

A College Student's View of France

I'm swamped with other work and unfinished writing, so I will offer this tidbit.

Lynsi Burton, a college senior from Washington State University studying in Bordeaux, has written a series of columns for the Daily Evergreen, the college newspaper. Do yourself a favor and read them here.

A sampling: in today's column, she observes French women

From the adolescent in the leather jacket to the mom pushing a stroller to the old woman speeding by on her bike in a fur coat and spike heels, I admire them all. To the untrained eye, it may seem as though many of these primped women wearing expensive jackets and shoes are trying too hard. Maybe they’re a little vain.

But the truth is these women know who they are. They show it to the world with pride and without apology.

Or from last week's column:

Before coming to France, I got contradicting advice about men. “Avoid eye contact, they’ll pounce on you,” or “Don’t flatter yourself, they’re not really hitting on you.” Relationships in France are a thought-provoking subject. How do people go from being strangers to sucking face in front of me on the tram? I have a boyfriend in Pullman I’m interested in keeping, putting participatory journalism out of the question. But my friends and I have had enough experiences to give me some insight into the differences and similarities between American and French dating.

Enjoy the read.

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