Saturday, April 26, 2008

Hollywood on France, Part 2

Welcome to "Chapter Two Week," my week of part-two follow ups to recent posts.

Ladies and gentlemen, warm up your DVD players, pop the popcorn, and settle down to a year's worth of films filmed in France.

France Today of course recently offered an excellent editor's top picks of Hollywood film versions of France. Then I discovered the mother lode: the U.S. Embassy in France website provides a list spanning a hundred years of American movies filmed in whole or in part in France. The films run the gamut from black-and-white silent films to most recent Tinseltown releases. Me? I'd like to get started with the thirty classic movies from the 1950s.

The Embassy web site also encourages cinephiles to submit any additional titles not yet found on the list.

Naturally the film version of A Tale of Two Cities is on the list. The most-recycled title in the English language, I think. But FYI, Dickens' novel has now been turned into a Les Miz-type musical, which will open on Broadway in the fall.


Unknown said...

Thank you for the list link, Polly. To make waiting for our two weeks in France easier, we often rent or buy DVDs that feature France. It really does help, but sometimes it breaks my heart, too.

Towards Paris said...

Thank you for this list! What a wonderful resource. I've just been adding films to my Netflix queue when I hear someone mention them. This list will be so fun to peruse and then yes, movie marathon time!!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Mimi -- happy packing for Paris!

Towards Paris -- this list is definitely one to mark in the favorites: a real keeper!

If we only had Netflix in France!

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