Saturday, April 12, 2008

Desire to Please

Desir de plaire -- desire to please. Of course the -- uh -- words weren't what caught my eye as I headed down the sidewalk. Always checking for new windshield flyers for Pare-Brise du Jour, naturally I spotted this one. But believe me, anyone would have noticed her.

I've been in France for a while and really don't find pictures of nudity in public places startling or offensive in any way. So I don't know why I was so taken aback by this brochure. I guess the notion of its headline being "Desire to Please," and then it's clear that this woman's left hand is doing just that. It's not modesty that she's going for in this pose.

And anyone who says that the 7e arrondissement is stodgy and boring just needs to come on a stroll down the street with moi. Every car, up and down the street, with pictures of jaunty mademoiselle here having a good time underneath the windshield wiper. Flapping in the breeze.

This being a PG-13 family-style blog, I of course pasted rectangular virtual fig leaves over the racy bits. I hope it is appreciated that I color-coordinated with the text, at least!

Needless to say, the advertisement is for a "lose-two sizes-now-without-dieting" beauty center. "The liposuction alternative!" it crows.

So you can please someone else, en principe?


anna said...

I thought at first that you'd found another photo of Carla Bruni!

Unknown said...

The 7th stodgy and boring? Mais non.

And this post is hilarious, Polly.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Good point! Hadn't thought of that when I posted it -- but no one would pay $91K for this brochure, I hope!

I don't think the 7th is stodgy or boring, but that's it's reputation among some circles...

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