Tuesday, January 01, 2008

For Auld Lang Syne

For old times' sake, here is a round-up of the Polly-Vous Francais all-time top twenty posts, according to feedback from all sources. In no particular order:

The Flirting Game in France and others in this category
What Drives French Men Wild. Wild!
French Lingerie . The men gaze and ponder.
Wonderbra in France, in case the other lingerie needs a boost
16. French
Baby Names in case of great success in four above categories??
15. French
Facial Gymnastics, not just for the boomers. Now a DVD!
14. The
Houseguest from Hell. Funny, I haven't heard from him since.
13. "
I love it when you speak French!" Oh, Gomez, darling...
12. Gimme Back
My Umbrella. I still haven't found it.
Going Postal. Wow. Now there are TVs when you wait in line. Love it!
10. Gypsy
Ring Scam in Paris. As sure as death and taxes.
9. More
Begging. Just say "please," s'il vous plait.
8. Learn
French in your Pajamas. Madame Lazybones gives away her trade secrets.
Unpronounceable French. No matter how hard I try.
99.9% fluent. Those darn vowels.
Velib hits the streets. A star is born!
Where I want to be if I'm not in Paris.
3. My New
Best Friend. Really! She is actually very sweet. An update is in the works.
2. A
different kind of flirting. I still daydream about this one.
1. The post that
started it all. Or should I say the post-it that started it all?
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