Sunday, January 13, 2008

Miz Polly's Random Links du Jour

If I were an artist in New York City, I'd sure apply for this six-month stay in Paris. Such a deal!

Parisian Remi Gaillard is not only handsome, and sportif, but funny as hell. Le Grand Journal dubbed him "le Roi du Gag." Whew, that means we don't have to pretend to worship Jerry Lewis any more.

Moleskine City Noteboooks are simply the best. You read and write in your own print version. Yours truly contributes to their online Paris site occasionally.

Paris is so telegenic. Movies galore being filmed here, including a new film about Paris, to be released in February. Star-studded French cast. Just don't try to find it by Googling the title.

I kind of figured that someone would dream up a way to get around the new no-smoking law.

Paris has some Noisy neighbors. Big Noisy, King Noisy, and Dry Noisy. Nwah-zee. They are actually rather quiet.

Where to find your triple-grande-no-foam-non-fat-latte in Paris, if you can't bear a day without. Twenty-five and counting intra-muros. Haven't been there yet.


Going Like Sixty said...

Here's a couple more smoker's options:

Where there's a will there's a way!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Hey GLS -- Thanks! Those are fun. I think the bell will sell better than the jacket. And maybe a bell-built-for-two would be so much more ..Parisian!

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