Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sarkozy-Bruni News Flash

Just remember, you heard it here first.

I may not always be the hippest, most clued-in American expat baby-boomer, but sometimes -- just sometimes -- I get the news from inside sources. Trust me.


Axel said...

I did like the fact that Sarkozy-ex refused to helicopter over to the Bush-ites while visiting the States. Carla - as breathless as she is - doesn't strike me as having such principles. But I do like her voice - a bit like that of Claudine Longet - but I hope without her complications.

A most happy New Year to all of you,

Starman said...

Bon anniversaire !

Polly said...

Hi Axel- It had never occurred to me that the Kennebunkport snub was anything more than a marital issue. So naive, I am.

My anniversaire was lovely, now that I've learned not to look in the retroviseur too much.

ariane said...


Polly said...

Originally, my lead for the first Bruni post was going to be, "Yesterday, over lunch at Fauchon, I was told..." but I thought that was too-too much.

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