Friday, January 11, 2008

Tooting that Horn

Ladies and gentlemen, the envelope, please...

And the ClustrMaps User of the Month is... Polly-Vous Francais!

Well, I'm one of three. I don't know how many customers, i.e. blogger accounts, they have, but they've "served up" over 2 billion maps to date. I'm honored. Aw, shucks.

I guess it means that I get to foot the bill for the champagne.

Most blogs have some sort of stat-tracking mechanism, and I do love the visual aspect of ClustrMaps. To me, mere numbers are so abstract. Seeing all those red dots on the world map is kind of a WOW moment.

My ClustrMap "widget" has moved to the very bottom of my blog page, with the all-new page layout. But, attention-needy that I am, it's one of the first bits I click on every morning when I turn on my computer. Oh, vanity.

I've run across a few funny comments about ClustrMaps and geography. I used my ClustrMap for my Happy New Year Card. I expressed absolute awe the first time I got the ClustrMaps feedback last spring.

So, thank you ClustrMaps Team -- and a special merci to CJ, whoever you are!


Starman said...

Yours is one of the better blogs about life in Paris.

Anonymous said...

May this only be the first of many, many honors.


Polly-Vous Francais said...

Merci, mes amis! But I still long for (and am a long, long way from)the 5/10 rank from Google, like Monsieur CL!

Anonymous said...

Not so far...I show you at 4/10...


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