Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Business Franglais

I found this website of a Le Dialector, small business-related Franglais dictionary, kind of a mini French Urban Dictionary. Like the Urban Dictionary, you can contribute; in this case it's any great business-based Franglais you hear.

Such as,"J'ai trop faim; je vais faire un peu de datamining dans le frigo."

I've sent the link to so many friends that I've forgotten the path that led me here. Thanks, whoever it was!


Victoria said...

thanks for the link!

Barbara said...

Cute, but just an ad from an ad agency.

Polly said...

I think I got it via a newfound favorite language blog by the proofreaders of Le Monde,

which I have just added to my links.

I found the Le Monde blog on Art Goldhammer's French Politics

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