Monday, January 28, 2008

Casting Call

It takes me at least three days to plow through the entire weekend edition of Le Figaro. So much to savor and digest, from political and economic news in the main sections to gossip and fashion tidbits in Madame Figaro. And it's like the tip of an iceberg: the more I learn about French current events and the key players, the more I realize that I'll forever be hopeless at knowing it all.

But I persevere. Today I decided to look at the TV Magazine supplement. In a small blurb called "Casting" was the following announcement for a popular Oprah-style show

"Are you about to get married but you've only known each other a few weeks?
Have you been together for a short time and are already expecting a baby?
Toute une histoire, on France 2, is asking about commitment."

Hmm. Something vaguely rings a bell. Sounds like a couple I've heard a lot about recently...


Autolycus said...

She isn't... is she? Some career move, for both of them...!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Only her hairdresser knows for sure. But rumors have been ciruclating wildly for a couple of weeks. Which is why I think it's no coincidence that Jean-Luc Delarue's PR team put out this casting alert!

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

Oh, if only they'd take a cue from Louis XIV and Madame de Maintenon and, if they insist on marrying, keep it a secret! It'll spare us a lot of eye-rolling, and will undoubtedly keep some trees from being killed senselessly in the name of Gala and Paris Match.

As for Toute une histoire, it really does live up to the American trash talk shows that no doubt inspired it. Even though I'm at home with my baby at the moment, I rarely if ever turn on the television during the day. When I'm at my mother-in-law's, she watches the noon news and when that show comes on afterwards, I dive for the remote control.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Well, Madame de Maintenon just threw a surprise birthday party for Louis XIV yesterday for about 50 of their closest friends.

I saw about 15 minutes of Toute une histoire once. That was more than enough. I took a peek at all the sordid histoires they are making casting calls for. Unbelievable.

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