Wednesday, February 06, 2008


In my inbox this morning was an email from customer service at a French company: Annonce Tchat.


Okay, here goes that language learning curve again. The matinal mind spins but doesn't click, fueled on only one café au lait so far. Let's see, they certainly aren't telling me anything about Tchad; such terrible news comes from journalistic sources. I wonder if it's related to un achat, a purchase, and this is some new catch-phrase.
Plink! Mental lightbulb filament finally glows. Duh. Silly me. Tchat is French for on-line chat. It's pronounced like the English word "chat." Le chat, the French word for cat, is pronounced shah, of course.
I need more coffee.


The Diva said...

It looks like almost an acronym like "Invitation to chat." Funny how these things start. There are numerous words in Mexicano Spanish that are English words like telephono.~~Dee

Polly-Vous Francais said...

What finally dawned on me was that it was modified franglais -- the 't' had to go in front of the 'ch' in order to make the hard 'ch' sound which doesn't otherwise exist in French.

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