Monday, February 11, 2008

Bananes Zappees au Chocolat

In the Pleistocene era, when I was a Girl Scout, we made a yummy concoction on the campfire, called a banana boat. The recipe was scout-simple: take a banana, peel back on section of peel; remove a third of the banana lengthwise with your thumbs; fill the canal with chocolate squares and mini-marshmallows, then replace the banana peel and wrap the whole thing in aluminum foil. Cook on the campfire until heated through. Gouge with a spoon and devour with gusto.

Other than s'mores, campfire chocolate simply didn't get any better.

In Paris, I have somehow graduated from marshmallow-love. Super-sweet-gooey just doesn't do it for me any more.

Then tonight I opened the fridge and realized that I was out of my habitual single-serve chocolate mousse dessert. Anxiety began setting in.
Ah, but necessity is the mother of invention. The cupboard contents were pretty skimpy (it's been a busy day) and I made do with what was available: bananas and little squares of 70% dark chocolate. So I am proud to present Polly's Bananes Zappées au Chocolat. It was heaven, took about 90 seconds to prepare, is lo-cal, and total comfort food. I am reveling in my new discovery. This will definitely be a habit. Here's how:

Peel, then split the banana in thirds from the end with your thumbs. Place sections on a plate. (It would probably work to slice banana also.) Take a small square [pictured] of dark chocolate and grate all over banana slices. Zap in microwave for 30 - 40 seconds.


Maybe someone has invented this before I did, but I invented it tonight. Who said I didn't know how to cook?


Going Like Sixty said...

oooooohhh mmmmmmm aaaaaahhhhh, and that's just from thinking about it.
Gonna try it, at our house it will be Polly's Banana Pleasure!

Anonymous said...

Have read you for a long time.
you're my role model for leaving a Broadway theatre career and the States.
Sending my son and sa copaine to Paris for the first time later in the month.
Adore your insight but this recipe is
a total girlfriend closer.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Pleasure, yeah! But,er, I did *split* the bananas into slices first.

Yes and about 140 calories by my guess. Besides, you gotta love any dessert that takes longer to eat than to prepare.

Hey, girlfriend, go for it! Paris has live theater too, even in English.


Ksam said...

I have a similar recipe - I take a banana and slice it in half the long way (with the skin still on) and then break squares of chocolate in half and lay them on each banana half. Then I just stick them in a preheated oven for ten minutes or so until the banana is hot and the chocolate is melted! And then you can just use a spoon to scoop the chocolate & banana out of the peel!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

That sounds so yummy -- more like the banana boats of my childhood!

I made another Bananes Zappees for dessert at lunch today, and tried to photograph it this time (since last time it was already devoured by the time I wrote the post).

Alas, I find that bananas aren't so photogenic... the chocolate shavings looked good, though.

Caffienated Cowgirl said... Girl Scouts and your wicked sweets! Not only are there the cookies...but now this! :)

Polly-Vous Francais said...

It *is* just about Girl Scout cookie season, isn't it? Yum. I think we can actually get GS cookies in Paris!

Anonymous said...

Polly - I wanted to de-lurk to say I made this for valentine's night and added toasted seasame seeds (inspired from a similar dessert tried on a recent trip to vietnam) and it was a huge hit! merci de l'idée merveilleuse !

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Hi b&c - Sesame seeds! What a great idea. I can't wait to try. Maybe next week -- I've made Bananes Zappees 4 times this week (using up the rest of the bunch) and am going to take a little break. Sesame will be the perfect thing. Merci!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

I also should admit that my son's favorite breakfast (or lunch) as a child was my version of an "Elvis Special" - a sandwich of sliced bananas and peanut butter between slices of wheat bread, grilled in a pan like a grilled cheese.

I don't eat peanut butter in France much, but just thinking about that makes me kind of want one...

maitresse said...

have you tried it with nutella?

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Oh my my my. Nutella goes well with everything. It is DANGEROUSLY wonderful. I can't allow myself to even buy it anymore, except when my kids are here. You know, "just one more little dip of the finger in the Nutella jar." Then just one more...

I think some crepe stands sell banana and nutella crepes? Variations on a recipe!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

American update. I just tried making bananes zappees au chocolat with Lindt (the best chocolate available here). Ugh. I gave up after one bite. Bitter and unfriendly. Waaah!

What IS the difference between French and US chocolate? It's more than just the cacao percentage.

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