Saturday, February 09, 2008

Paris Then and Now

Living in Boston, I always relished the combined efforts of architect Robert Campbell and photographer Peter Vanderwarker in Cityscapes. A regular feature in the Globe magazine, it juxtaposed old photographs of the streetscape with current photos from the same spot.

Now there is a Paris blog that does just the same. Called Paris Avant, the site posts a daily pair of before-and-after photos. You can search by arrondissement and theme. A real plus is the inclusion of a Google map showing precisely where the shot was taken.

I'm hooked.


Unknown said...

Many thanks for the link and comments, Polly, I do appreciate! :)
BTW, I'm looking for some kind souls willing to translate the website from French to English. Can't do it myself, my English is not up to it. Please spread the word! :)


Polly-Vous Francais said...


Paris Avant is such a great site; I would gladly translate it myself if there were more hours in a day. Maybe there are some American architecture or photography students who would like to do the translation as an internship or project. I'll spread the word, and I hope other readers will too!


Chris Late said...

Polly, Thanks for letting us know about this! - CL

materfamilias said...

Thanks Polly -- I'm heading over there right now. The last two times we've been in Paris we've been able to see exhibits of early photographs and tried to compare them to the present -- having them juxtaposed is a great service.

Unknown said...

Many thanks, Polly, I hope we've been heard!

Fred (from the heights of Belleville)

Unknown said...

Yes, thank you! I have made this a regular stop on my daily cyber trek through Paris...

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