Monday, February 18, 2008


Long before there were cell phones and text messages, there was artist William Steig. And his "children's" book, CDB.

When CDB was published in 1987, it was a big hit with the adults. We thought his creative use of letters as words was hi-larious. I still do. But let's give him credit -- it really was the precursor to text messaging.

But today, in Steig-speak, I have to say "I F-N N-E N-R-G." None. My bones ache and my eyeballs are burning in my skull. Don't worry, I'll be just fine. Please, don't worry about me, no, no, not a bit. I was planning to go to the avant premiere of Paris, but instead will stay at home drinking weak tea and nibbling dry toast. If this post gets a bit on the delirious side, someone can call SOS Medecins for me. French doctors make house calls.

Oh, sorry, back to text messaging. Of course in France, the letters of the alphabet are pronounced differently. Phrases and their abbreviations are different. So texting is different. Anyway, since I'm only good for babbling incoherently right now, here is a short guide to French SMS language, via the Language Log. SMS. Textos. Text messaging. Whatever.

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