Monday, February 25, 2008

Mustaches are Back!

The men's five-day beard-stubble look is getting so passé, so ubiquitous, n'est-ce pas? Sure it looks rugged and macho, but any male can stop shaving and take on a variation (tailored or grubby) to the stubby Look.

Finally a new men's style tendance is happening in facial hair. I've been noticing around Paris more men with smoothly-shaved chins and in-cred-ible mustaches, the kind not seen since Edwardian days.

On the métro Friday afternoon, two très handsome, très hip Frenchmen, one with a burly, well-waxed handlebar, one with a distinctive, well-clipped walrus/chevron style like French Soccer League president Frédéric Thiriez. Maybe it was Thiriez. His famous mustache has been called "pure Offenbach." Love it!

It turns out there is an on-line club for current/future mustachioed Parisians. My vote: let's go for the new moustaches look, messieurs. So dashing! So bold! So debonair!

One small request: please, no Fu Manchus.


smilnsigh said...

-chuckle- I recently convinced my husband to grow 'something.' I love a carefully cared for beard, but all he would go for was a mustache.

And it looks marvelous.

And he would even be in style, in Paris.

When we were there, some years ago, he didn't have one and it was not the rage. 1999. Our 40th Ann. was the fall of '98 and he gave me Spring Time in Paris, for it. :-)

Lovely memories of a lovely time in a marvelous city.

I think I would like to link to your entry/blog, on my own blog. If that would be alright with you...


Polly-Vous Francais said...

What a great blog! Thanks so much for linking to me. Vive les moustaches.

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