Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Jump! A New Blog

I always told my kids that it's impossible to skip down the street without smiling.

Go ahead, give it a try.

Sometimes being up in the air, temporarily feeling freed from gravity, is just plain fun.

I think the same holds true for jumping in the air. So today I started Jump!

I was inspired by photographs that I already have of people jumping, and then seeing some of my daughter's friends jumping in photos on Facebook. The plan is to publish photos of people all over the world jumping up in the air for any reason. It makes me smile.

Check out Jump! and send in your photos. Share the joy. And the links.


blueVicar said...

Looks like pure fun to me, Polly. Shall we jump on the bandwagon??

Meilleurs voeux!!

Flora said...

Your blog is very interesting. Perhaps I have to jump a thousand times before I can take one a pic with me flying in the sky.
A bientot!

classy & fabulous said...

now i have to go take a picture of me jumping :)

Starman said...

Interesting, BNP Paribas has a new card called JUMP for kids.

expatriates said...

For some reasons, I started noticing many people who like jumping and taking pictures. It's true that it's a great feeling to have. Man has always wanted to 'fly' thus the closest and easiest thing a person can do is to jump:) and be proud of it.

Also, since you are an expat. I wanted you to check out (social networking for expatriates). I thought it might be interesting for you and your readers, maybe you can add it to your links list as well.

Anne said...

Check out the Avedon exhibit at the Jeu de Paume. There is at least one classic jump, a fashion photo taken in Paris in the 40s.

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