Sunday, July 27, 2008

Fashion? Un-Fashion?

When I spotted this window display at Loft Design By on rue de Rennes, my mind went into a wee bit of a tailspin.

Chic grey sweatpants. A tee-shirt and other signage touting "people who care about your clothes don't really care about you."

Um, hold on a sec. This is Paris, right?

The thought path went something like this:

Was it all in English for the benefit of the Tourists of August?

Does it represent a new trend in fashion consciousness in Paris, a sartorial je m'en-foutisme?

Or (think about it) does it simply reflect the status quo?


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you could get a t-shirt made up with "people who wear slogans on their clothes aren't very clever" to go with it. I'm sure it isn't representing anything other than a bad idea!

Parisienne Mais Presque said...

I just want to know how much they dare charge on rue de Rennes for a t-shirt that espouses fashion apathy.

Kind of like the cashmere sweater I once saw in the pages of Elle with a silk-screened image of Che Guevara. Do they miss the point? Or is it just way too postmodern for me, man?

V said...

People who care about your clothes don't really care about you. It's funny but I agree with this idea. But not funny haha, but funny strange.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

I thought it was funny in a land where there is a large group of people who indeed care about your clothes.

Ergo, they don't really CARE --about you.

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