Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Beach Glamour

Maybe most Parisiennes are fretting over the latest 2008 glam styles of bathing suits, and how to carve off an extra milligram of imagined fat, in time for les vacances.

I say, "Why bother?"

Just wear one of these babies at la piscine or la plage and no one will look at your hips.

Vintage bathing caps at Shadé, 63 rue des Saints-Pères in the 6e arrondissement.


http://bjlantz.com/category/bj-lantz-creative-blah-blah-blah/ said...

Ok ~ that totally cracked me up! Thanks for sharing. I have been enjoying your blog and thinking fond thoughts of Paris...

Jacki said...

Wow! WOW!
I must say those would get a lot of looks for sure. Very fancy...

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