Friday, July 25, 2008

Et les gants? Elegant.

I was the only American at a casual and lively Parisian dinner party last night. Of course I was making my habitual language gaffes, but more or less feeling content that I was keeping up with and participating in the conversation: events, politics, gossip, lifestyle, cuisine, vacations, French education -- the gamut.

Dinnertime talk was animated and impassioned. At one point somehow we were talking about hats. Then other fashion accessories: gloves. Les gants.

Please note: this was not chick-talk. The men were equally engaged in the conversation.

Next came searching discussion of where there are still gantiers in Paris (too few!) and about the fact that gloves aren't much in evidence these days.

One handsome brown-eyed guest in his early 40s proclaimed, "It's such a pity that gloves aren't worn more. I think that gloves -- the sleek, elegant kind -- on a woman are the sexiest thing in the world."

The rest of the men at the table erupted in thunderous approval, exclamations, and recommendations.

Ladies, take note.


Ange said...

If that's really true, and I can believe it is, then I'd say it's up to the people of Paris to start a trend of glove-wearing: the world will follow!

Jacki said...

Oh my! How drunk were these men? I just don't think I can pull off the glove look but I agree with Angela, if anyone can it's Paris.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog and I love it. Paris is my most favorite place. I will read you faithfully.

Autolycus said...

I suspect (speaking as one who's hors de combat on the general question) it might have something to do with how they're taken off.

maitresse said...

oh, quite true!
I inherited a stack of gloves from my terribly stylish grandmother in all different colors, fabrics, and lengths, and I wear them whenever possible. Though the Minnie Mouse look is a real danger. Hopefully I haven't crossed that line.

My Frenchman is so in the know about gloves it's crazy. He even bought think silk glove liners to wear under his leather gloves. I asked him why he didn't just buy silk-lined leather gloves and he looked at me with that "silly American girl" look he's gotten so good at.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

yes, or even the mere imagining of a woman's removing the gloves.

glove liners?


Theresa said...

I must remember to pack my vintage gloves next time I go to Paris. I should start practicing on how to properly remove them too.

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