Monday, July 14, 2008

Bastille Day 2008

It was an unexpectedly great July 14th for me in Paris.

Fireworks over the Trocadero were sublime.

Update: I took these photos from an incredible top-floor apartment balcony here. I hope I get invited back next year!

Getting there and back was another story.


Priscilla said...

We watched the celebrations and fireworks via the internet. Very beautiful. My daughter fondly recalled having come over from Switzerland (where she lived at the time) with her friend for the 2006 celebration. I was back in the US watching all day. I know it was silly, but I just kept hoping for a glimpse of them.
How we wish we were there.

Bill and Nancy on Eclaircie said...
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Bill and Nancy on Eclaircie said...

Boy, and we thought that we had great seats for the show at port de Suffren!

We left our port in a small flotilla of barges at 6pm and also had trouble getting back home due to a barge traffic jam on the Seine. It was just about 3am when we entered our lock to return to port.

Your photos are great, and as you said the show was sublime.

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