Sunday, June 01, 2008

You Say Tomato

I was just about to pop a few of these juicy cherry tomatoes in my mouth. As I opened the charming heart-shaped plastic package, I noticed the name. "Les Coeurs-de-Pigeon."

Pigeon Hearts?

"Crunchy, slightly sweet. Do not refrigerate."

My immediate reaction was a slight gag reflex.

Then my machiavellian pigeon-hating side took over.

Look at the sadistic smiling bird holding his cousin's heart in his beak.

Heh-heh. Pigeon hearts....

Dip them one by one by one in a little fleur de sel.
Yes, indeed.

Bon appétit!


Unknown said...

Is it bad that I was disappointed to read the fine print and find that they really are just tomatoes?

Hootin Anni said...

::laughing:: At the 'gag reflex'. But boy are those cherry tomatoes ever so good tho!

Hi! Nice to meet you. Before I can add your blog to the Over 50 blog roll, I need to ask you to add either a text link to the home page of the blog roll, or the javascript blog roll itself. It's entirely up to you. You can find the instructions on the home page from my personal blog --

When that is complete then, I will add your blog title/link!!

And I LOVE your humor about the discount reading glasses you left in the bloggers over 50 comments!!

Hootin Anni said...

The link to the Bloggers Over 50 is on my side bar, that is, from my personal blog.

dabrah said...

I've just had a quick stroll through your blog, and I found it very entertaining. I went to your first posts to try and find out how you ended up in Paris, but no luck, so my curiosity is still piqued.

I love the name of the blog, and it sounds to me as if you Polly jolly good French!

Polly-Vous Francais said...


No, not bad at all -- it's especially delicious for those of us who despise city pigeons!

Hootin Anni,

I've added Blogger over 50 to my blogroll. Great concept!


Looooong story on how I got here. In a nutshell: incurable lifetime francophilia combined with right time, right place.

I'd be glad to add you to the blog roll too.


Anonymous said...

Hey, pigeons are delicious! Especially when they're really wild doves, cooked Basque style. Yum.


Polly-Vous Francais said...


You are SO right! I love pigeon. All those yummy birds of varying sizes on the menu in France. I love it.

I just wish that folks would find a gastronomic market for the urban variety of pigeons. In the Siege of Paris in 1871 they ate rats, after all...

Anyway, much as I despise them, I can't complain too much about pigeons in Paris -- much less of a nuisance than Canada Geese in New England!

Clementina said...

Dear Polly,
Perhaps you should go to my blog so you can get the recipe to my delicious no-cook salsa. It is perfect with grape tomatoes, meme s'il sont le coeurs de pigeons.

Alison said...

I love the description: "Croquante, note sucrée"

I realize you mentioned this in your post, but the bit on the photo was the first thing I noticed!

And I want to smack that pigeon.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

LOL! I'd be crunching them with delight too :)

chezgraceparis said...

"Coeur de pigeon" is a kind of cherry (cerise) that is just coming into season now, according to long-time Paris resident and neighbor, Richard d'Ari. So I guess it translates "cherry tomatoes" although we usually think of them as little globes not ovals as in your luscious photo!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

From my American perspective, the name just startled me. The graphic on the box just made it more emphatic!

I was trying to think whether in English we have any foodstuffs that have a similar animal-organ name that we've grown accustomed to. Kidney beans and black-eyed peas were all I could come up with. But those are somewhat vague as references, not quite so specific as pigeon hearts...

Unknown said...

Funny thing, but the Savéol logo took me for a split second back to the grocery stores I have explored in Paris.

Soon. Paris. Soon.

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