Saturday, June 07, 2008

Why we love Paris

Embarking on the second week in June and the weather lingers grey and cold, it's good to remember why we love Paris.

First off, when your name is Polly, you simply have to stop by this street.

Then there are other reasons, like indulging in this charming and inexpensive African restaurant that just opened in my neighborhood in the 7e arrondissement. With a quiet terrace in the back. Lilting music, excellent, simple cuisine. The warmest greeting of any restaurant in Paris. Add the house Ginger Drink and it's simply exotic. It'll warm you up until the nice spring weather returns. Especially if you add rum.

Déjà vu all over again. Has anyone else watching the French Open had the same impression? Something about the Roland Garros logo, which we've been seeing non-stop for the past few weeks, seems so familiar. Oh, right! That ubiquitous Starbucks logo...

My favorite way to see the sites of Paris by boat. I think I'll get the annual pass for €55. Heaven, when the sun is out.

The second annual PPP: Parcours Parisien de la Photographie June 10 - 30. So many vernissages... so little time.

And, finally, I love the Eiffel Tower, too, but...this?


Evelyn said...

Thanks for sharing what you love about Paris. I certainly agree with boat rides on the Seine. My favorite memory from my first trip to the city is a night time boat ride the company called an "Illumination Tour." Paris was exquisitely lit and absolutely beautiful. As we began to make the turn around the tip of Ile St. Louis, strains of tango music drifted from the left bank. Our guide pointed out a large group of people, dancing and partying along the river. I dream now of returning some day to dance the tango on a warm summer evening with a romantically handsome Frenchman!Anything can happen in Paris, right?

Gattina said...

Lol ! that's a funny street name ! I live in Brussels, that's not far from Paris.
I love the doors I missed yesterday!

MissWarren said...

But, my name is Polly.....

Raven said...

wonderful street sign.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

I love all these things, too.

But what do you think about the Woman Who Married the Eiffel Tower?

Of course, I'd marry the entire City of Paris, but it's not up for grabs.

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