Tuesday, June 17, 2008


The magic e-mail arrives in my in-box late one Sunday evening. This is the e-mail all blogger-writers dream of.

"Bonjour Polly-Vous Francais,

I’m writing on behalf of American publisher, Spiegel & Grau. After reading your blog

My head spins, my eyes blur, my heart jumps. They want me! They want to publish my book! I instantly poise my fingers on the keyboard to Skype my famous published-author sister to ask advice about book-contract negotiations.

Then I finish reading the paragraph.

...I thought you might be interested in one of our new books called Petite Anglaise by Catherine Sanderson. It’s the true story of a British woman (and passionate Francophile) who fulfills her lifelong dream by moving to Paris. Once there she falls in love with the city and a French man, in time has a child, and starts a blog where she brings her unfiltered thoughts Parisian living to the forefront..."

My head hurts, my heart thuds, my eyes blur more.

Oh. Of course, I'd be more than delighted to review Petite's book. I simply love Petite Anglaise. I wish Catherine all the best in love, life, fame and everything else that can be derived from living as an expat in Paris, and writing about it.

I was out of town at the time of Petite's fun Paris book launch, and thus was unable to attend. So I haven't yet had a chance to devour the contents of the paper version of Petite's Paris life. I look forward to receiving the review copy. Really, I do!

But does this charming publishing-house assistant not understand the color blogger-envy green?


Alison said...

Got the same e-mail. Had the same thoughts.

And the book arrived this morning. I have yet to crack it open. It's been a day. I mean, a DAY.

Jennie said...

I got the same e-mail!

Jacki said...

Not sure that it will help you feel better but your blog is lovely and I enjoy reading everyday. I feel 'this much' closer to Paris when I do, it's good to dream.

Cory said...

To be honest, I like your blog the best (of all the Paris expat sites) for daily and personally meaningful observations about Paris. You and Ruerude.com have a similar style and I really like it. My life is a series of mundane and repetitive small tasks. I like reading about what they might be like if I lived in paris. Please keep it up.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Merci infiniement, everyone.

The book arrived by French FedEx today -- oh, the tales I have to tell about that delivery experience!!

Irony of ironies, I'll read the tale of a British expat in Paris, while I am vacationing in Italy. Sounds like a typical Polly-Vous plan to me.

Off for a week of la dolce vita and will report on life in Rome, assuming wifi works properly in the flat there...

paris parfait said...

I got one of those emails too! And I already had the book from W.H.Smith, but asked them to send another. Haven't had a chance to read it yet. :)

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