Sunday, June 29, 2008

Heads Sold Separately

Ah, Paris, the infamous capital of long can-can lines featuring topless or naked babes.

But who needs the Moulin Rouge, the Lido, or the Crazy Horse when you’ve got these nude conga lines at the stand of Jacqui Petit at the Marche aux Puces at Vanves? And topless... in their own way.

This morning I'd browsed at about 25 antiques booths without seeing anything very eye-catching. Then I happened upon this display. It took my breath away. Witty, a bit macabre, and so artfully arranged.

“May I take a picture, monsieur?” I ventured with my most winning smile.

Alors, UNE photo?” he lobbed back at me. I thought he was going to refuse my request. “Pourquoi UNE photo seulement?” he laughed. “Take as many as you want! One journalist was here earlier this morning and took two hundred and forty pictures. He ran out of film.”

Jacqui introduced himself. “It says ‘Jacques’ on the card, but I am Jacqui!” he crowed.

Alors, euh, Jacqui, where do you get all these poupées?” I queried.

Ben, un peu partout. Here and there,” said J.

“And do you have your own petite guillotine?” I joked.

Ah, oui!" he laughed. “Ça, oui!”

“Well, I’m going to publish tout ça on my blog.” I said. It’s just too magnifique. I waved good-bye as I headed off for more discoveries. "Merci beaucoup, Jacqui!”

"Je vous en prie, bébé!"


Alison said...

Definitely a bloggable moment.

Craig said...

Hi Polly, my partner and I are visiting Paris for a couple of weeks in July (our first trip to Paris and we'll be there for Bastille Day!). I stumbled upon your blog while looking for tips about protocol, etiquette and how to make the best of our interactions with the locals. I must say, your blog is very entertaining and so informative. Thanks so much for taking the time to share your point of view; it's much appreciated!

Jacki said...

Thank goodness you had your camera with you! I always seem to leave mine at home when these priceless moments happen. (And good for you on having the courage to ask for a picture, I usually chicken out!)

Maggie said...

Great photo, and great blog. I'm a regular reader.

Caffienated Cowgirl said...

Oh, those are definitely worth the photos! :)

The Duchess said...

How bizarre! But perfect blog material. Did Jacqui strike you as being a little, how should I say it, off kilter? lol

Polly-Vous Francais said...

It was quite fun. Jacqui was wacqui, as are many of the endearing merchants at Vanves. Funloving at least.

I bought some chairs from another vendor and he gave my daughter and me a ride home in his truck.

Craig -- if you are here for Bastille Day, don't miss the Firemen's Parties (Les Sapeurs-Pompiers)in every arrondissement. Always a blast!

Anonymous said...

I love the doll pictures and the fact they are headless reminded me of this post by nathaliewithanh...
Check it out and giggle. Nathalie's cousin seems to have found her ideal metier here!

Prêt à Voyager said...

those definitely weren't at vanves 2 weekends ago when i went ;)


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