Monday, May 26, 2008

Regard sur les Etats-Unis

I like to read the news. Online, I usually read the news about France in French, and then I read Art Goldhammer's French Politics for the timely analysis. To get the U.S. and world news I scan all my favorites: the New York Times, the International Herald Tribune, any other on-line news source that lets me read for free.

Lately when I log into my Yahoo! account the Yahoo! News page pops up as Yahoo! France is not merely Yahoo! US translated in French, of course. It's news deemed of interest to a French readership. Its tone and content lack the gravitas of regular French newspapers, somehow. I think it's! the! exclamation! point! I really miss all the major, life-altering headline stories on English-language Yahoo!, like Lindsay Lohan's missing mascara, or how to make perfect scrambled eggs.

But, in all earnest, one interesting feature of Yahoo! France is a great blog called Regard sur les Etats Unis, A Look at the United States from a French view. In my lifelong learning curve about France, I find it helpful in general to look at my own culture from a foreigner's perspective. And REU has news and commentary, as well as some interesting blogs on its blogroll -- French expatriates in the US writing about the American cultural and political scene from their viewpoint.

I applaud REU's effort to include an English version on their site. It's a noble effort, brought to you by Google translate. But try reading this English version of the latest Clinton/Obama story, where the possessive pronoun his or its is constantly applied to Hillary.

"The awkwardness of Hillary Clinton unworthy democrats

This is the latest controversy to date, across the Atlantic. Hillary Clinton has committed the blunder to justify its continuation in the race for the Democratic nomination through rapprochement with the assassination of Robert Kennedy.

The candidate wanted to make it clear that the Democratic campaign could be extended and that everything could still happen.

The problem is that his opponent, Barack Obama, is regularly subjected to death threats and is constantly under protection of U.S.
secret services.

As for Democrats is consternation. Even if the candidate has made his apology, particularly with respect to the Kennedy family (which also makes the headlines as a result of the hospitalisation of Edward
Kennedy), everyone's attaches to say that fatigue does not justify

This controversy is further proof that the campaign has gone on too long term

Who needs Comedy Central when you've got automated translating?


Bill and Nancy on Eclaircie said...

Thank you so much for the Regard sur les Etats Unis site, I had never seen that before.

I agree that it is always important to look at your own culture from a foreigner's perspective. Always interesting and always surprising.

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Thanks. I'll try to update with some other sites I've found. It is so enriching to me to read French people's blogs about life in the US. Yellow school buses, ice hockey games, to-go coffee, drive-throughs... lots of material about things we take for granted!

Regard sur les Etats-Unis said...

Thanks for your support! Your blog is also great and very interesting.

Sorry for the Google Translation but I don’t have enough time to translate my blog in English!

Polly-Vous Francais said...

Bonjour, Regard--

Your blog is great. And I understand 100% how impossible it would be to translate a timely & newsworthy blog like yours into English every day. Keep up the excellent work!

It's just 'Google translate' that I find amusing.

Your posts are spot-on. Merci for all you do, reporting from les Etats-Unis.

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