Sunday, May 04, 2008

Is it a drag to drague?

Do French men still have the knack? According to, many French men claim that they don't know how to draguer les femmes any more. (Draguer means more than "pick up," not quite flirt or seduce or shmooze: kind of a blend à la française of all of those.)

The OnlyLady team hit the streets of Paris to ask men the burning question.

L'homme sait-il draguer ?

OnlyLady is a French-language blog by a bunch of bright and witty beauties who scour the City for the latest in fashion, well-being, high tech, culture and more.

The men interviewed in the video give hints on what works and, alas, what doesn't.


Polly-Vous Francais said...

Thanks, Onedia.

I think OnlyGirl is a great group, and just found their blog. I wish they'd invite me to have fun with them!

David in Setouchi said...

Actually did you know that "draguer" and "to drag" come from the same word? (the original meaning of "draguer" is still "to drag" by the way)...

Apart from that, I think the Canadian guy explains it the best.
Nowadays French women (and especially Parisian women) take themselves too seriously and seriously lack a sense of humor and it has become next to impossible to communicate with an unknown woman in the streets (in Paris, it's very different elsewhere). But for that, I also blame some Parisian men that have created this situation by being so tactless when talking to women in the street.

Personally, I avoid the problem altogether, I quit dating French women about 11 years ago (but I still "drague" foreigners when I'm single).

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