Friday, May 16, 2008

French Magazines Available Online

When I was in the U.S. and longing to be in France instead, I used to throw myself a little pity party and blow a wad of cash on my favorite French magazines. I'd settle down with a glass of Sancerre and pretend I was on vacation in France, leafing through the pretty publications, savoring every article, every image. But it wasn't always easy to find the magazines I craved.

Now has a new service whereby you can download an unlimited number of French magazines for €17,90 per month (approximately $28 at today's exchange rate). In an effort to save the planet and cut down on paper consumption, this service is not only a boon to Mother Nature, but also a godsend to far-flung would-be readers who can't necessarily grab the latest copy of Paris Match, Le Nouvel Observateur, Elle, Cðte Ouest, and so forth at their local newsstand. If you prefer to give the subscription a trial first, you can subscribe to four magazines for one month for €9,90 (about $15.50). The subscription site, for now, is only in French, but I hope that in time and with enough demand there will be an English-language version.

In addition, from each €17,90 received, Relay will donate one euro to the World Wildlife Fund to protect the forests. Of course downloading is not the same as holding the colorful glossies in your hands, but I always collected way too many stacks of magazines anyway.

Relay is a mostly known as a magazine kiosque -- a familiar sight to all travelers in France. You find Relay in train stations and airports, chockablock full of all varieties of publications, books, and on-the-go nibblies.

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