Friday, December 07, 2007

WON-derful! MAR-velous!

Whether you are soprano, alto, tenor, or bass (or even if you're not quite sure), it's never too soon -- or too late -- to get into the fa-la-la Christmas mood in Paris. Singing out loud en anglais can do wonders for the soul.

So, Paris residents and visitors alike are thus encouraged mightily to join the Paris Choral Society this Sunday, December 9 at 4 pm. for the traditional Handel's Messiah Sing-Along (Christmas portion + Hallelujah Chorus).

Bring your own score if you have one, or buy a copy at the door.

No auditions, no experience, no talent, no commitment necessary. What could be easier? Members of the PCS will be mixed in with the audience to help all sections to sing exuberantly. (The proper lyrics, of course, are "Wonderful! Counsellor!")

Only enthusiasm is needed; and a rousing, festive is occasion assured. Then you can spend the rest of the evening humming Handel refrains while touring the city to marvel at the Holiday Lights.

Sounds like a plan to me.

Best to arrive early for good seats. Concert begins at 4 pm sharp. 15 euros, 10 for students.

American Cathedral in Paris
23 avenue George V
8e arrondissement
Metro: George V or Alma-Marceau

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